Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Kegelmaster – Use And Be Healthy by Andrew Rivano

This device can benefit both men and women who are suffering from problem related to their pelvic softness and urine leakage. Women are more sufferer with this type of ailment due to the various stages they go through in life. The stages include pregnancy, menopause, old age, sudden increase in weight and gynecological disorders. The disorder makes their pelvic region soft and after a small pressure in the region because of sneezing, jumping or doing any strenuous exercise. The weak muscle of the vagina can make them stressful and lead to other disorders.

To stop this ailment, use of Kegelmaster is a recommendation which needs to be used with regular exercises. Regular exercise of vaginal muscle with its use makes the pelvic floor tight and strong, which is essential in order to enjoy the pleasure of sexual life. It also helps control the bladder. It’s a good devise to avoid painful surgeries because of the uterus and bladder problems, which are becoming costly day by day.

It controls the bladder and urine while developing tightness in vagina. Women with increasing age naturally lose their muscle power and the pelvic region starts to loose its stiffness which reduces their sexual life. Pregnant women also are prone to this problem because before or after the birth, their lower abdomen spreads and the pelvic region also becomes soft which takes years to recover. This product helps them also if thee perform the Kegel exercise using Kegelmaster. This also minimizes the labor pain at the time of delivering baby.

This is a specialized simulation instrument, designed better resistance to vagina at the time of exercise and it provides strength & tightness. It uses dynamic resistance principles and it is proven to be effective in reconditioning of muscles. This exercise is commonly used in the medical & rehab centers, health clubs and sports academies.

This product has a set resistance that can be manually adjusted depending on the body size and the strength. The Kegelmaster user should do regularly exercise for the results which normally takes 6-12 weeks.