Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Losing Weight Naturally – The Honest Truth About Cardio… by Peter Kirwan

Any exercise is better than none at all, right? Well that saying is basically very true but it also needs to be said that there are some types of exercise that contribute to losing weight naturally and effectively a whole lot better than some others.

Cardiovascular (cardio) or aerobic exercises, are acknowledged as and have been proved many times over to be tops with regard to serious fat-burning weight-loss.

This particular type of exercise includes a substantial group of exercises that increases your heart rate and makes you work up a sweat i.e., brisk walks, jogging, sprinting, cycling, swimming and of course aerobics.

To put it simply, you burn away heaps of calories including all those calories that are stored in the fat that caused your excess weight - which of course is the exact reason for doing this type of exercise!

Everybody needing to lose weight knows for a fact that they must do some type of aerobic exercise but most have no experience and again because of misinformation will have no idea where and how they ought to commence, which is always frustrating and discouraging.

As you can see from the details written here, there are plenty of options and they're all dependant on your level of fitness when you start practising your chosen aerobic exercise. Just start gently and lightly at your own comfortable pace and then gradually build up the intensity level over a reasonable time. You need your exercise to become a fat-burning challenge!

Now if you've been living a seriously sedentary life-style then you'll probably want to begin with some increasingly brisk walks before building up to a gentle but short sprint and so on. I'm sure you get the picture.

Whichever aerobic exercise type you pick, keep it regular and routine for 5 to 6 days a week and ensure each fat-burning weight-dropping session lasts for a minimum of at least 20 minutes. You don't need to squander masses of time at it for it to be successful but you do have to be consistent and habitual about your routine.

I personally always finish my aerobic work-outs in no more than 20 minutes. Along with my every-other-day free-weight training sessions of 35-40 minutes, i ensure that I'm not taking too much valuable time out of my day and so I never get bored or tired.

It has been 100 per cent proven that cardiovascular exercise - that's exercise for the heart and lungs, is vital to fat-burning weight-loss as well as your vital good health. It works, so get started and you will quickly reap the rewards for your efforts.

For sure, you're going to find it tough going at first but once you get through the first two weeks or so, you won't be able to get through your day without it - it must and will form an important part of your daily routine!

In summary; even though you're bound to find your aerobic sessions a little tough at first, you'll very quickly get to a position where your day isn't complete without it. Focus, set your targets and stick to them.

Natural, speedy, and permanent weight-loss isn't and has never been about overly complicated dieting systems and/or poisonous diet pills - it's all about simplicity, a little bit of will-power and some genuine tried and tested weight-loss knowledge.