Saturday, October 22, 2011

3 Common Barriers to Workplace Fitness by Sarah Long

AT Calgary Corporate Fitness Inc, we work with small to major companies helping them implement effective fitness & wellness programs. In our dealing with companies who are new to these programs we have found there to be a common hesitation, or barrier, that can easily be overcome with the right perspective!

I thought I would share 3 of those barriers and provide some solutions;

Lack of interest, or low motivation to participate

Companies should include their employees in the organization and development of their corporate wellness programs to encourage interest and participation. If more employees participate, it will be easier to measure the effectiveness of the program and get ideas on how to improve future initiatives.

Lack of space to offer physical activity

The problem is we have been so condition to think regular exercise has to be inconvenient, time consuming and expensive. It’s actually completely opposite. On-site fitness programs do not require a lot of space, nor do you have to get grossly sweaty. Small workouts in 10 minutes spurts through out the day can help keep the metabolism up and keep energy levels high. Or a group workout in a conference room, open field or parking lot can be more effective and fun for employees to interact.

Hard to measure ROI

Many companies will take the initiative and implement small corporate wellness program, but many do not include a fitness element. It’s great to educate and motivate healthy lifestyle habits, but it’s the actual act of being physical-moving our bodies that is going to inspire more energy, more endorphins and less sick days! If your company is working with a small budget, We recommend prioritizing a fitness program first and then consider incorporating other services, otherwise the ROI will be small.

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