Saturday, October 22, 2011

Use An Automated Medical Receptionist To Accept Appointment Requests During The Non - Working Hours by Jim Peterson

Following today's processes in the medical domain: reforming, competition, cost-cutting to be performed along with quality of service improvement the schedule of today's doctors and other clinics personnel will become really tough. And this tough schedule needs to be really precise and error free.

A single double booking could ruin the whole day's schedule for one or even multiple doctors of the clinic. That is why it is reasonable to take all endeavors to eliminate any errors in scheduling which are to be regarded as human errors. The easiest and the most reliable way is to introduce an automated medical receptionist into day-to-day work of the clinics. It will automatically process the appointment requests received by phone or through the web, be integrated with the electronic medical records (EMR) used by the doctors and will automatically create schedules of appointments.

In the situation of tough competition it is very important that you do not miss any appointment request, that all of your clients and potential clients are taken care of any time of the day. The virtual medical receptionist will take care of the appointment requests received out of regular office hours giving you additional benefit over your competitors letting you cover more communication channels and obtain new clients with minimum input from your side.

Being an automated system the virtual medical receptionist will save time of your live receptionist who will obviously become more dedicated to their other duties. One more point in your quality improvement strategy! Doctors will be sure about their schedules, will be able to analyze their timings in order to review and optimize their performance as per the reforming requirements. Medical forms completed by the patients themselves will make you a solid basis in the dispute in case of claims or complaints from the part of the patients.

Having all the schedules, medical forms, appointment applications all electronic will save you a penny and contribute into your general cost-saving. Being an automated system the virtual medical receptionist offers you automatic reminder and rescheduling options which will also contribute into time saving and will decrease the number of skipped appointments.

Having eliminated the human factor from this scheduling and handling personal information of your clients will make you comply with the HIPAA.

Thus, implementing an automated medical receptionist will save time, money and improve the quality of service and the level of performance of the clinic without great investments or additional personnel to be hired. You will easily fit into the current situation and comply with the modern requirements.