Saturday, October 22, 2011

Are You Sick And Tired Of Constantly Playing The Diet Game? by Paula Stone

My doctor told me to ease into my new exercise program so today I drove by the spa, shopped for extra large sweat pants on line, and bought some rice cakes at the grocery store. Is this you?

I wish people would leave me alone about my weight.

OK so I’m not enthusiastic about this whole shaping up and losing weight thing.

It would be nice to look better and be healthier but I hate to diet. Worst of all my insurance costs are going up like crazy.

I hate to exercise even more than I hate to diet.

Is this you?

What if I told you diets don’t work?

Before you say that’s crazy, ask yourself did any diet ever work for you?

The problem is more about the poor quality food you are eating than it is your fault or responsibility that you are overweight and unhealthy.

There are some important questions you need to ask about the “food” you eat.

1. What do you know about the quality of the food you are eating?

2. Do you eat out a lot?

3. Do you eat a lot of fast foods?

4. Do you eat a lot of prepared foods?

5. Do you crave sweets?

The answers to all these questions you tell the whole story. You are probably starving for real nutrients and beset by cravings.


These types of foods have a lot of salt, sugar, and fat and not much of anything that’s any good.

Sugar is basically worthless and actively harmful, especially in the form of high fructose corn syrup. It is concentrated sugar.

Here’s the reality.

You are in fact starving.

Good nutrition involves getting lots of fiber, vitamins, minerals, some lean protein, and some healthy fat.

If you are mostly eating fast food, prepared food, restaurant food, or convenience food, they have very little of anything you really need except for too much protein cooked the wrong way.

Did you know you are starving?

Probably. You can feel it. You do feel it.

So you eat, but you still don’t get what you need.

We say, “Eat! You just need better food. Find some.”

Go to the grocery and find the real food. Look in the fresh vegetables and fruit. Look at the plain frozen fruits and vegetables, look for fresh or frozen lean meats, and even look in dairy. Only eat whole grains, too.

That’s where you find real food. If you do it right and in the right proportions you lose weight without dieting at all.

After you eat these foods for a while and maybe take some vitamins and minerals, too, you might actually feel like exercising.

Best of all you will be healthier. Being healthier means your costs for insurance and medical care will be lower.