Saturday, October 22, 2011

Benefits From The Virtual Medical Receptionist When Handling Online Appointments by Jim Peterson

When the customer is willing to book an appointment with a doctor of your clinics he might make a call and spend some of his time talking to your receptionist. Though you cannot be sure if he has these couple of minutes during the working hours, because it might not be convenient for him to talk on health problems in the office during working hours, or the concern might be a bit too embarrassing to talk about it on the phone at all.

The client might also be so very busy that looking for the phone number, dialing and talking to the receptionist trying to pick a convenient time slot in trial-and-error process will be too much for him and he would prefer to book his appointment elsewhere where he would not have to pass through this talking on the phone procedure.

Office hours covered by your receptionist are the least appropriate time to book an appointment for most of the working patients, and paying a 24/7 live medical receptionist might be unaffordable for your establishment.

Well, let's imagine the client has taken his courage, has found a refuge in his office and has actually scheduled an appointment with your medical receptionist. But here comes the human factor ∓ the receptionist has made a mistake! Poor our patient, he's sitting in the middle of the open space office and receives a call from the receptionist trying to explain she has confused the dates, double-booked or whatever and here we go through our favorite picking-the-slot procedure again.

None of these would have happened if you were using AssistMedic as a virtual medical receptionist. It does not make mistakes, it works 24/7 for no extra charge and it offers to pick one of all the available slots during the online appointment scheduling.

So here we go again! The client just goes into the online appointment scheduling section on your website, makes a couple of clicks to pick the right specialist and to complete the web form to schedule online appointment, gets the whole number of available time slots on your website and picks the most suitable one, a couple more clicks and everything is done! Appointment scheduled in no time with maximum comfort and effectiveness.

The client can schedule his appointment 24/7, whenever he has a minute for that. He's free to describe any of his health concerns, since he's less likely to get embarrassed by a web form than by a live receptionist. And of course he does not have to spend much time to finally pick a slot suitable for him and at the same time 100% available. And no mistakes at this point!

At the same time your live receptionist is not distracted from their day to day duties by these scheduling phone calls, is calm and dedicated to the issues that need their attention right away.