Saturday, October 22, 2011

The Automatic Medical Receptionist Is Much Less Prone To Error by Jim Peterson

The virtual medical receptionist will not only streamline your workload, make bookings and appointments for your patients, save you lots of paper, and time, it will also save you from legal lawsuits due to human error.

The medical profession, doctors and dentists are only human, and an error made on patient medical records leading to a wrong diagnosis could end up with the doctor, or dentist in the courts fighting a very expensive lawsuit.

This is where the virtual receptionist is really a doctor and dentist's best friend. Patients may enter their own information in the fields on the electronic medical record, or electronic health record. So any error is their own and not the real live receptionist's error who has to take down details of each patient, and sometimes might get it wrong. This being the case, then the doctor in attendance at the time of that error occurring at the practice is liable for the medical error, not the receptionist.

The virtual receptionist cannot get it wrong, only humans do sometimes. We are not saying that the real live receptionist cannot do her job, it is just that the virtual receptionist does it better, faster, more accurately, and streamlines your practice so much that you will wonder how you ever managed to run your business without it.

The way forward today for today's fast paced and stressful world of online communications is to use the virtual medical receptionist which incorporates web forms for patients to enter their medical information. The virtual medical receptionist complies with all HIPAA requirements, which means the safety element of ensuring that all client's medical information is securely protected.

Time-saving functions of the virtual medical receptionist: Appointment are booked for clinical visits or operations. The EMR, electronic medical record is generated and filled in by the patient with his details and insurance plan. A time and date is booked and the calendar entry is completed with all the details.

Your virtual medical receptionist also books meetings, lunch appointment, marks blocks of time where no appointments can be made, if you were in surgery, or away for instance, and books appointments for personal events.

There are three calendars provided for each medical practitioner within one practice.

One Calendar that is used for only practice visits. One showing all visits, practice and hospital, and personal events that are not medical related. Each system has a consolidated calendar showing all visits for all the practitioners in the practice. The virtual medical receptionist allows you to control who has access for viewing each of the separate calendars. This ensures security of information.

The virtual medical receptionist lets you choose the duration of each patient visit and any event you want to schedule time for, without errors.