Saturday, October 22, 2011

Does Water Purification Really Work? by Jeff Schuman

So that people can have safe water to drink water purification is being used all over the world these days. The process can be difficult to understand. However learning about it will help you understand why everyone should use this process for safe water in their own home.

There are many times that you will go to get a drink of water and believe that it is safe to drink because it looks clear. This is not always the case though especially in residential homes that has no purification for your water.

Water contains many unsafe particles which can cause many people to get sick. If you drink a lot of water over time that has not been purified then you could easily end up with a sickness caused by the particles in the water.

That is the main reason why purification is so important these days because you never know when water is safe to drink but with a good system you will always know it is safe to drink.

Now it is important to know that the whole purpose of the purification system is to rid your water of any impurities that it could contain. There are certain steps that this process follows and the best way for you to understand more about this process these steps need to be explained.

First you need to understand that the number of steps and the order of these steps that will be required to purify the water will depend on the number of impurities that is currently in the water you drink.

Now the first step in the process is known as settling. This is basically what it sounds like. Because they are heavier than the water is the contaminants that are in the water that will start to settle at the bottom.

Another step that is used is to help get rid of any contaminants that come from the air and ground because eventually it will all end up in the water you drink. To help remove fertilizer this step involves using another important chemical and iron.

It will also remove nitrites and other contaminants that have found their way to the water.

One last important step is to remove any microorganisms that are in the water by disinfecting the water using chlorination. This step may be repeated more than once and is usually one of the last steps to be sure the water is safe to drink.

These are the most important steps used in the purification process but the order they are used will depend on the system used and the contaminants found in the water.

Now that you know how water purification really works you can see why it is smart for everyone to have some form of purification. Without it anyone can get too many sicknesses.