Saturday, October 22, 2011

Switching From An Offline To An Online Medical Office. What Are The Benefits? by Jim Peterson

If one runs a medical office that is taking off, they should consider adopting certain measures to reduce the whole staff's stress.

It's not that we want to be pessimistic here, but it is undeniable that medical receptionists are subject to high levels of stress everyday, because patients don't show up for their appointments, people call insistently to schedule their visits, folders need to be piled up and so on.

Not to talk about people who are waiting in line, because even if they don't complain, the receptionist can sense their nervousness even from behind the desk.

This whole atmosphere is sure to do no good to anyone, and that is why every medical office should make use of an online medical receptionist, a program that has not been designed to replace the live receptionist, of course, but to help them perform their tasks more efficiently and make the medical office run more smoothly.

A virtual medical receptionist, in fact, is able to schedule and re-schedule appointments, to automatically call, text and mail patients to remind them of their upcoming visits and, believe it or not, it can even contact patients whenever they have to take the medicine prescribed by the doctor.

There is also another aspect that no medical office should ever ignore: communication with patients.

This is indeed a very important factor, because it will make people feel closer to the clinical staff, so that patients will become more affectionate and will even indirectly promote your medical office when talking to their friends.

But how can communication and interaction be improved?

Well, by simply switching from an offline medical office to an online practice that makes use of web forms, online schedulers and, obviously, of a well built website that contains all the information people need to know about your medical office.

For this particular purpose, IcyCRM/AssistMedic has developed a website that offers medical practitioners a virtual medical office.

The great thing about online medical offices is that patients will not have to wait in queue for hours, which will streamline your daily work and simplify everybody's life. Furthermore, the live medical receptionist will finally be able to dedicate their precious time to the tasks they are supposed to perform for the practice's benefits.

It may seem unbelievable that such few measures are able to change so many things, but do not forget that we are talking about well designed software, which means these –≤€œvirtual tools–≤€ are meant to help us save a lot of time, so that we will not accumulate stress, which, as you surely know, weakens our immune system.

Of course, we are focusing on the medical profession, because it is widely known that running a medical practice implies a great effort, for not only doctors visit their patients and cure them, but have to administrate the medical office as well.