Saturday, October 22, 2011

Stop Smoking With An Electronic Cigarette by Juan Valdez

There has recently been a very successful study carried out by medical professionals regarding the electronic cigarette's ability to help smokers quit smoking. The study was carried out in South Africa, where close to 350 heavy smokers were given an electronic cigarette. The results were quite outstanding. Within 6 weeks nearly 50% of all of the participants had completely quit smoking and moved over to the electronic cigarette.

The doctors who conducted the study took time to analyze the electronic cigarette, to check the medical effects. They found that the e cigarette was much healthier than traditional cigarettes, and a far better smoking alternative. Above 50% of the device users showed a noticable difference in their lifestyle, feeling more healthy, more active and generally having more energy. A lot of the respondents also gained a better physical appearance, an upshot of increased energy levels. Some of the respondents also quit smoking after just 2 weeks, long before others.

The electronic cigarette is a device that is used to emulate smoking. The device contains cartridges that contain small amounts of nicotine in a liquid form. These cartridges are easy to store and load into the device. When a user takes a pull on the cigarette the device vaporizes a small amount of the nicotine and delivers it to the user as a fine mist. This mist emulates the smoke of an electronic cigarette, and makes the user feel more comfortable smokind the device in public as it will draw less attention. Typically the device is much cheaper to run than a traditional cigarette, with the equivalent of 20 cigarettes costing on $0.70.

The medical community as a whole gave a huge amount of support for this research. A valued doctor has also stated that an electronic cigarette is the best method and product for quitting smoking that is available on the market today. Many doctors often recommend electronic cigarettes to their patients as a first port-of-call when they are trying to quit smoking, and is one of the few products that can work alone rather than complimenting other quit smoking products.

Another doctor, who also quit smoking after only 6 weeks of using an electronic cigarette, has validated that it only takes an average of 12 puffs from an e cigarette to give the same quantity of nicotine that a traditional cigarette does. With the e cigarette there is no waste like there is on a traditional cig, the device does not continue burning when you're not using it, so the nicotine is only used when the user pulls on it. Over the course of a few packets of cigarettes this will equate to quite a large loss, especially if you don't smoke cigarettes particularly quickly.

It is now known that it is not the nicotine in the cigarettes that damage the health, instead it is the tar and other carcinogens found within the tobacco that do the harm.

A totally different study was carried out several years ago, which included different medical professionals and was conducted by Health Canada. This study found that the electronic cigarette is not only found to be safe in relation to traditional cigarettes, but were found to be safe in all measurements.

The electronic cigarette is operated using micro electric technology. This unique device uses an atomizer to vaporize the liquid found in the cartridge, which contains water, nicotine and a harmless substance propylene glycol.