Saturday, October 22, 2011

An Environment-Conscious Medical Practice Should Keep Its Medical Records In Electronic Form by Jim Peterson

Nowadays, everything seems to be going "green". That is because people have become quite environmentally conscious both in their everyday life and at work and are constantly seeking new ways to preserve the world we live in.

Also many companies, businesses and practices are doing their part for the environment.

Medical practices, for example, produce a lot of waste everyday, including medical tools and tons of paper. Now, dentists, doctors and specialists actually spend a lot on such materials and that is one more reason to opt for specific solutions that may help you perform your tasks more smoothly while contributing to saving the planet. Recent studies show, in fact, that a green company actually saves more money than a company that does not adopt adequate measures to take care of the environment.

If you run a dental office or a medical practice, you are sure to be aware of the importance of your patients, as they are what makes your business run. That is why the virtual medical receptionist is a fantastic solution that may help your practice go green, while simplifying your live receptionist's work and making your patients more taken care of.

The virtual medical receptionist is able to keep all the electronic medical reports, so that paper, filing cabinets and documents will almost be unnecessary. Can you now imagine how this great software may change the way you work forever?

In the first place, you would save on paper stuff, since all the information you need will be stored in a computer.

In the second place, keeping Electronic Medical Records is extremely easy and serious mistakes will be less likely to happen. Most of errors are, in fact, made by humans, while machines are perfectly designed to perform their tasks perfectly. That does not mean you should get rid of your medical receptionist and replace him/her with dozens of robots, but simply that you may work in a pleasant environment, where the virtual medical receptionist keeps data and takes care of booking or re-booking appointments, while your medical receptionist, being less stressed out, will have more time to pay attention to the patients and their needs, increasing the value and the expertise of your practice.

Furthermore, being a professional who works with human lives, you are sure to be more sensitive to all things alive, including trees, plants and, subsequently, animals, that are quickly disappearing because of the high paper usage.

That is why we all getting more environmentally conscious, by moving towards a paperless world, in which our everyday tasks will be simplified by innovative solutions, such as the Electronic Medical Records, and each of us will respect the nature, much more than we did in the past.

Moreover, every medical practice will be enabled to work more smoothly and to keep its patients information more accurately, thanks to the electronic health records which show each individual's medical profile.