Saturday, October 22, 2011

What to Look When Searching for a Rhinoplasty Surgeon by Jennifer levine

It is good that you have finally decided to do something about your nose which has been annoying you to no end. Now that you are ready to dig into your savings and brave the knife, you would surely want to get the most out of the procedure. While asking friends and acquaintances for reference is a good idea, choosing a Rhinoplasty Surgeon solely on the basis of suggestions made by them is not. Here are the few points that you should keep in mind as you search for the right surgeon for Rhinoplasty in New York.

Training and education is the first consideration that you should use to filter potential Rhinoplasty Expert. Make sure you go to a Rhinoplasty Surgeon who has been trained from a reputed medical school with good many years of experience.

Another criterion is to find out whether the potential Rhinoplasty Specialist has a board certification or not. While American Board of Medical Specialties means that he/she meets the minimum standards, American Board of Plastic Surgery ensures that they have superior training and experience. Remember, plastic surgeons generally practises all body plastic surgery, but only those who specialise in facial plastic surgery and has considerable experience in rhinoplasty procedures can produce better results.

Look for testimonials from previous patients along with their before and after pictures before you zero on any Rhinoplasty Specialist. You can expect a reputed Rhinoplasty Expert to have a website where you can not only find a lot of information about education, training and board certification of the surgeon but also testimonials and before and after pictures also.

In case you are looking for Rhinoplasty in New York, you should check out Board certified in both facial cosmetic surgery and ear nose and throat surgery, Dr. Levine knows the face inside out. Her in-depth knowledge of soft tissues, nerves, muscles, cartilages and bones gives Dr. Levine a unique insight about how these structures interplay and change over the years. As one of the handful of female Rhinoplasty Specialists of New York, she successfully gives each patient result that stand the test of time by providing structural support to battle against the effects of gravity and volume loss that come with age, inevitably.