Saturday, October 22, 2011

Allow Sign-Up Of New Patients From The Web by Jim Peterson

It makes sense that if you have a website, you want to make it work to your benefit. A website attracts visitors, and what could be more convenient than having a patient fill out their medical history, and details from your site. It will simplify your life, and your receptionist will love you for saving their time the dreary chore of having to take down the details of every patient over and over again.

If you have a website this must have been your first intention, as a website is there specifically for business/pleasure/leisure. The web is designed for linking two parties together. Patients will love the convenience of this way of dealing with a necessity of life. With one click of a button the admin is done. They already do all of their other business/networking/buying/selling and information gathering on the web. For example, social networking sites are simply amazing. The opportunities that abound on the internet are been used every day by millions of people and the world has grown a lot smaller, with the internet growing larger day by day.

This streamlines your life and theirs, and fits into the new way the information age is expanding. There are plenty of rushed and very busy people who need this convenience to simplify their lives. It will simplify your life too in ways you will only appreciate as the patients will be able to click their way into your practice.

Adding medical web forms for your patients on your website seems like the logical progression in today's life. Patients are surfing the web for a doctor in their area and they magically come across your website. Now, they can phone you tomorrow maybe, or today, but they would rather finish what they started, fill in form, make the appointment right there and then. Tomorrow is another day and by that time they might have found another doctor with a site that they can sign up on. This is the new generation. Must have it now, do it now, see it now.

With the vastness of the internet, you could grow a very large practice from your website. People do go online to look for medical services. They go on line to look for everything. And they find everything. Even five years ago the internet was still just an extra added bonus, not a necessity as it is today.

So would you rather have a website out there in cyberspace looking pretty, or do you want it to work for you? The choice is yours.