Saturday, October 22, 2011

Medical Record Keeping While Using A Virtual Receptionist by Jim Peterson

Today doctor's time is one of the most precious things that the whole medical domain should protect from excessive bureaucracy. The more minutes we spare ∓ the more patients the doctor will be able to help. But what doctors are forced to do now is writing down so many things: patient's history, complaints, results of the examination, prescriptions, additional tests to be made, receipts, prescriptions and tons of other forms. And what an issue it is to get the needed files wading through the piles of paper documentation. Medical record keeping has become so time consuming that something should definitely be done about it!

What we propose is to use AssistMedic as a single application which will unload the doctor and let him do his own work instead of completing innumerable paper forms. AssistMedic is a single desktop application comprising a whole list of functions: medical record keeping, medical receptionist functions, online patient sign-up through custom medical forms, no-shows handling and many others!

Everything is working through a single desktop application, all the relevant information is always easy to find, form completion is almost automated ∓ what the doctor is required to do is just a couple of clicks in the application and the record is taken!

Virtual medical receptionist as a part of AssistMedic will free you from human errors in the appointment scheduling process, make you fully HIPAA compliant and will let your live receptionist focus on the day to day duties and current tasks requiring immediate attention. Appointment reminders will be automatically sent out to the patients according to the predefined schedule, error free and proposing to confirm, reschedule or cancel the appointment adjusting the schedules of the doctor automatically. So doing, the medical receptionist will finally be able to perform her tasks without being continually interrupted by nervous patients.

The doctor is not required to possess some special computer skills to keep medical records ∓ everything is simplified to just a couple of clicks. All the numerous paper forms are replaced by just one multifunctional application. The information is always very easy to find in just a few clicks again with no need to potter in the huge stands of files and folders.

Having at your disposal the time the doctor would have spent looking for the required information, browsing through the loads of paper documents, completing endless forms, keeping medical records gives you numerous options: cost-cutting, increasing the overall performance of each single doctor and the clinics in whole, improving customer satisfaction, overbeating your competitors by the superior quality of services you can now propose and an increasing number of patients you might have missed if you did not have a virtual medical receptionist available 24/7, perfectly polite, clear and error-free.

AssistMedic having a multilevel security system and 4 types of access makes you fully HIPAA compliant with almost no effort!